What Are the Five Pillars of Aging?

“The Five Pillars actually appeared to me in a dream. These five, key concepts help me age better and age well. I needed a way to remember them, and came up with the acronym, “L-E-A-S-E”, which led me to realizing that at this stage of my life, I truly am renegotiating my lease on life. “ Mary L. Flett, PhD. Founder, Five Pillars of Aging

Creating a Legacy of Values

What will you leave behind? Understanding your values, where they come from, and how they have changed over your life span will unlock new insights into who you are and give you confidence in making key decisions about how to age better and age well.

Staying Engaged

How can you compassionately encourage yourself when challenged by life’s limitations? Staying engaged physically, emotionally, cognitively, and socially takes commitment, understanding, and strategies tailored to your personality and capacity. You can do this!


Change is inevitable as you age. This includes deciding where you will age, and who you want to have supporting you as you make that turn to the finish. You can change your thinking and you can update your digs.  And, you need to think about quality of life essentials like transportation, access to healthcare and nutritious food, how easy it is to be in nature, take in a museum or show, and have opportunities for stimulating discussions. It is about more than just a meal plan and monthly fees.

Spiritual Awakening

Because we are living longer, more time is available to contemplate purpose and meaning. How you make use of this transition from “human doing” to “human being” is key to creating a meaningful life. 

Emotional Economics

This is about investing  in your self-worth, as well as your net worth.  Exploring what “enough” means in terms of your valuing who you are now, in terms of believing there will be enough to go around, and in terms of having enough of the essentials such as love, time, and contentment are at the core of your “Goldilock Standard” – what is “good enough” for you in all areas of your life.