What Are the Five Pillars of Aging?

These five concepts evolved from my lifetime of working with elders. Each has its own properties; together all five act as a firm foundation from which you can build your vision of aging. Once you understand them, you will be able to create the life you want no matter how old you live to be.

Creating a Legacy of Values

Consciously or unconsciously, you use your values to make important decisions every day. Unlock new insights into who you are and give yourself confidence in making key decisions about how to age better and age well using values-based decision-making.

Staying Engaged

Learn to compassionately encourage yourself when challenged by life’s limitations. Learn ways to combat loneliness and stay connected. Learn what really keeps your brain functioning well (HINT: It’s not crossword puzzles!).  Learn your unique personality style and how it helps or hinders in keeping you vital.


Deciding where to live out your life is more complicated today than ever before. Will climate change impact where you go? Can you afford to move where the quality of life suits you best? What resources do you need? This is about so much more than a floor plan and a meal plan.  Learn the 8 essential areas that define quality of life as you age and how to use them in deciding what environment will keep you happy and healthy.

Spiritual Self-Discovery

Because we are living longer, more time is available to contemplate purpose and meaning. How you make use of this transition from “human doing” to “human being” is key to creating a meaningful life.  Examining your life may sound intimidating, but you may find you actually end up falling in love with the person you have become!

Emotional Economics

So much effort and time is spent making sure we will have enough money to last until we die.  While this is an absolute necessity, it is actually the easiest part of aging.  We must also learn to invest in self-worth along with net worth.  What are your beliefs about being “enough”?  Do you have some standard that keeps you from experiencing what you do have already?  Enough time, love, energy?  And what is “good enough” in terms of what you will settle for or accept?  These are assets worthy of investing in also.