five pillars of aging free mini-modules

Secrets to Aging Better & Aging Well

I’ve learned from some extraordinary elders how to age better and age well.  You can too!  Study at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.  While there are five pillars, you can choose which one(s) to you want to know more about or bundle all five for a savings.  Try these mini-modules out for free!

Why your values matter and why they should be shared…

How to stay connected with yourself and others as you age.

Creating inner and outer space that meets your changing needs.

Finding contentment with what you do and who you are . . .

I am enough

I have enough

There is enough

I know what is “Good Enough”

Ready for a Full Module? Just $79 each!

How do your values inform your decisions about aging?  Learn the surprising benefits of using values to make difficult decisions easy. 


Still doing crossword puzzles to keep your brain working? Update your knowledge about memory, exercise, intimacy, and emotions and leave with cutting edge strategies that will change how you age for the better.


Keys to a sustainable, comfortable future. Whether you age in place or downsize, know ahead of time what you’ll need to change to keep you happy, healthy, and wise as you age.


Truth is, you spent your life as a human “doing”, not a human “being”.  Accept the invitation to become more of who you are at your core and learn how to share it with others.


How about investing in your self-worth along with your net worth?  Do you believe  you are enough?  Do you have enough of what matters?  Do you believe there is enough to last?  How do you define “good enough”?  Learn how to maximize your investment in emotional economics to age better and age well.

Implement ideas and strategies that will help you navigate the challenges of aging in the 21st century.  Exercises in this course will move you from thinking about how you want to age to manifesting the quality of life you want on your terms.  Define who you REALLY are and what you really want as you age better and age well.

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