No Time Like the Present

NTLP groups put a beginning, middle, and end around a conversation about how to create the quality of life you want as you age. 

Given the opportunity to share wisdom, we all have something to offer. Dr. Mary facilitates this seven-session group, creating a safe and welcoming space to systematically explore the challenging aspects of aging in the 21st century.

Join her and develop a supportive tribe as you create the life you desire as you age better and age well.

Groups limited to eight participants.  New groups start every month.

Five Pillars of Aging Groups

Prefer to learn with others?  Meet weekly with others and explore all five pillars of aging together:  how to create a legacy of values, learn new ways to stay engaged as you age, adapt and accommodate to changes that aging demands, deepen your sense of purpose and meaning, and develop your competency with emotional economics.

New groups starting every month.  Groups limited to 10 participants.

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