No Time Like the Present

NTLP virtual groups put a beginning, middle, and end around a conversation about how to create the quality of life you want as you age. 

Given the opportunity to share wisdom, we all have something to offer. Dr. Mary facilitates this weekly, 90-minute group over six consecutive weeks, creating a safe and welcoming space to systematically explore the challenging aspects of aging in the 21st century.

Join her and develop a supportive tribe as you create the life you desire as you age better and age well.

Groups limited to eight participants. New groups start every other month.

$ 75 per class
embracing the shift
transitioning from “doing” to “being
between living and dying
valuing yourself: what does “enough” mean?

Five Pillars of Aging Groups

Join with others for this lively discussion group that meets 90 minutes each week for 8 weeks to explore and deepen understanding of the Five Pillars of Aging model — Build on the wealth of experience brought to the group by group members, then share it with those you love.

Sign up for one session at a time or as many sessions as you like. Topics will vary from week to week, but generally follow the core pillars: how to create a legacy of values, how to stay engaged physically, emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually, adapting to change, how to create purpose and meaning over your lifespan, and exploring self-worth including beliefs around being enough, having enough, believing there is enough and defining what is “good enough” for you.

All sessions are offered online using Zoom. Once you have registered, session information will be sent directly to you.

Pay what you can, (a recommended fee of $30 per session is suggested). Groups are limited to 10 participants. Resource materials included.

$ 30 per session

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