Author, speaker, content creator and founder of Five Pillars of Aging, Dr. Mary Flett lives, works, and enjoys life in the Valley of the Moon, just north of San Francisco.

She is an expert in aging with finesse, and shares her experience from 30 years as a clinical psychologist.

She writes a weekly blog and has published a collection of them in her three-book series, “Aging with Finesse”.

She is an activist in challenging the rampant ageism that exists and invites all of us to age better and age well.


Phone: (707) 938-5531


Snail Mail: PO Box 134, El Verano, CA 95433

Preview copies of books available.  Please email your request and provide mailing address and contact information.


Valuing Ourselves as We Get Older (2021)

Connecting with Ourselves and Others as We Age (2021)

Essential Skills for Growing Old with Grace (2021)

Mastering the DSM 5 (2014)


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