Retirement planning is more than just making sure you have money in the bank.  What I learned in working with aging adults for the last 20 years is that there are five key areas that, if you pay attention, will lay a foundation for you aging better and aging well.  Join me along with others like you for a weekend that will shift how you approach aging. 

Learn how the Five Pillars of Aging can help you:

  • Use your values to guide crucial decisions about health care, housing, relationships, and finances
  • Apply mindfulness in all areas of your life in order to age better and age well
  • Identify strategies for aging in place that will help you remain flexible and prepared to adapt and accommodate to change
  • Create purpose and meaning as you transition from “doing” to “being”
  • Evaluate your self-worth in addition to your financial worth (“emotional economics”)

During the workshop you will have opportunities to work in small groups, learn from each other, learn and practice new skills, and benefit from the wisdom shared from elders I have worked with. You will leave understanding what lies ahead and prepared to successfully navigate aging in the 21st century!