Create a meaningful vision that draws you to your authentic future!

Take the fear out of aging and empower yourself
to live a rich and vital life

Spend time with Dr. Mary Flett as she shares her unique vision for aging better and aging well. 

Take a Mini-Course – Check us out for free.

Self-Paced Learning

Five Pillars of Aging self-paced modules allow you to experience the humor and wisdom of Dr. Mary Flett without having to leave the comfort of your own home.  Choose from five different modules or bundle  for a savings! 

five pillars of aging

Build a foundation for aging better and aging well that will help you meet the challenges of aging in the 21st century!

Spread the wealth: Online groups

Prefer to learn and share with others?  Spread the wealth by joining one of our small-group experiences facilitated by Dr. Mary.  Learn with and from others like you who are aging intentionally and embracing the challenges that aging in the 21st century brings.

Live Workshops

The pandemic has made us more cautious. We are slowly emerging from our quarantine and will be offering our weekend intensives and destination retreats in the near future. Check back for updates on where and when.

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